Monday, September 15, 2008

Hangin' With the Hortons

Following the walk on Saturday, Leigh Ann, Derek, Moo, Web,and Meagan came over to our house for a little pizza and quality time. We had so much fun just talking and eating and seeing how bad the ladies could whip the men at Catch Phrase.

This? Is beauty on a couch.
Dawson LOVES Leigh Ann...
...and Leigh Ann's hair.
Our sweet and handsome husbands!

We all met up Sunday morning at Mimi's to have brunch and say good-bye to the Hortons as they left to go back to Arkansas. Sadness. We are planning a trip to Arkansas to see them very soon!

Also? There's an empty lot next to my house that is just SCREAMING "Build a house on me" And, Moo and Web are building their new dreamhome on a plot the size of Montana. It could soooo fit another house. Just sayin.' No pressure at ALL, though.



Amanda said...

Again, I am so sad I missed it! Please let me know when you all plan to go to Arkansas, I would love to go!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Hilarious!!!! Thank you again for allowing all of us to come chill at your hizzie ;)! It was so much fun and so perfect!

Just pressure...that is MONKEYED UP!

Leigh Ann said...

Don't tempt me!!! La, your house is beu-ti-ful! I mean, it really should be featured in a magazine. It is gorgeous but also a place where I felt right at home kicking off my shoes! I just adored our time together, and I would have SO taken Dawson home with me! I can still feel him nuzzling down in my neck. Oh, it makes me "hurt" just thinking about it! :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you all had a great time.
I know Dawson stold the show!

Glad you got to meet a BLOG beauty!

Meagan said...

What an amazing weekend, huh? I am SO glad everything worked out. As is always the case with my galz, I had THE best time! I can't wait for our road trip to Arkansas!!! Woo-woo!!!!

"Now THAT is MoNkEy'd Up!" lol

Rachel Wheat said...

It is so cool to see pics of different bloggers I read together! Looks like you had a great time!

les_mason_curt said...

Love you blog, so cute. Your little man is a cutie-pie. Do you live in the boro, I do. I figured you did because I saw something about Junior League. I guess that have other chapters in other cities, but that is what I guessed. My buisness Kiki & Lele will be at the Holly Market!

You seem like a great person from all of the charity work you do. The owrld needs more people like you!

Lindsay said...

Seriously - you guys look like you have the best of times together! A lot next to you, ey?? But only if it's the size of Montana.