Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Christmas Lights at the End of the Tunnel

We only have ONE MORE MONTH until we'll be in Disney World!!

We are getting so excited - we have all of our character lunches and dinners planned, our tickets...somebody stop us.

Some of my most wonderful childhood memories come from my family's trips to Disney, and so I am thrilled to be able to take Dawson there. I bought him this today to wear to the Very Merry Christmas Party with Mickey the first night we're there:

...because nothing says "I'm completely and totally obsessed" like a Mickey-ear-and-argyle-holiday sweater. Hello, Clark Griswold.

Anyway - this will be the first vacay that we've taken as a family of NINE...and the first with two under age two. Valium, anyone?

Here are the other things that will be different about this trip to Disney in comparison to the others we've taken:

1) We will actually sit down at a table to eat breakfast each morning. There will be no porking down pre-packaged donuts at the shuttle stop, followed by collective drinking from a singular water bottle.

2) My brother Jason will actually change clothes daily. There will be no wearing of the same wife-beater, puffy jacket and khakis for the entire 6 days. It's amazing what marriage can do.

3) We will actually see Disney World. There will be no blur of colorful objects zooming by us as we try- unsuccessfully- to keep up with my mother on her sprint-and-you-shall-see-it-all tour.

4) My brothers will embrace their maturity and not try to intentionally scare the characters as they cheerfully walk by us during the parades. Last time, Cinderella and the Little Mermaid had PTSD after my brothers acted like a combination of Rain Man and The Three Stooges.

5) We will actually sleep. Toddlers REQUIRE naps and at least seven hours of nightly rest. See number 3.

6) We will actually eat. Toddlers become hellacious demons without food. See number 3.

7) I will treat my child like a dog and use a sophisticated backpack/leash system to keep him with me at all times. I refuse to be that mom at Guest Services saying, "I just turned around for a second...!!!!"

8) We will have so much friggin-fraggin' fun it will be unbelievable.



Lauren Kelly said...

And I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Laura said...

You guys are gonna have SO much FUN!!

Justin and Jessica said...

Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait until our kiddos are old enough to take them there. :)

Allyson said...

Oh, PLEASE take a picture of Dawson on the leash! I love it!

Megan L Hutchings said...

My favortie word used throughout that post was friggin-fraggin :)!

You are going to have the BEST time!!!

Sarah said...

does sound like fun, and a new adventure in an old place of yours. You just keep adding memories to that local!

Whitney said...

I'm so excited for y'all! AND jealous that you get to meet up with Lauren Kelly!

Annie said...

You are one funny lady! Jealous you are going to disney, I want to go!!! Sounds like you will all have a fabulous time :) and meeting up with LK, awesome!!
what's wrong with shoving donuts down your throat beside chooking on powdered sugar? ;)

p.s. following you now!!

Meagan said...

LOVE this post! And when we DO finally make it to Disney, you'll be my planner/expert/keep-my-sanity-please/go-to girl! ;-) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Jess said...

I found your blog through Lauren Kelly.

LOL, I live 45 mins from Disney (and actually was over there last night) and your post made ME excited!

I hope you guys have a great time!