Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Walk On the Wild Side

The Fletcher household is rejoicing now that the Mad Cow disease has been eradicated and now we can be around other people!

We celebrated by meeting Jason, Krystal and Zoey at the Nashville Zoo so Dawson and The Zohan could see the animals. It was a beautiful day, and I think everyone had the same idea as us - it was so crowded!

Dawson and he not the cutest safari guide you've ever seen?
There were crowds in front of every exhibit, and this was the clearest picture I got the whole time we were there. I love zebras...I love how God put black and white together. :)
Of all the animals we saw, Dawson liked looking at the birds the best...
...after Zoey, that is.

This is how Zoey saw most of the zoo!
We had to take a little break and treat the kiddies to some Dippin' Dots. Zoey had cookies n' cream, while Dawson had chocolate.

"Touch them and you die."

We had a great time! It's amazing to me how simple things like Dippin' Dots and birds and quick afternoon trips take on a whole new meaning when you're showing it to your child for the first time.



Sarah said...

Glad your both recovered, and the trip to the zoo was a nice way to celebrate. I've been to the Nashville Zoo, like 8 years ago. It was really nice!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!!!! Loved all the pics :)

Whitney said...

Glad you're back!
I see you're channeling the zoo through your purse! Ha!

Meagan said...

HOW FUN! The first pic was my favorite! :-)

And, I am glad you got rid of your hooves and tails! ;-)

Shana said...

you look super cute at the zoo...I normally look like I am homeless animal caretaker ha!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I noticed that you brought along the incredibly cute purse I got you...LOL!

Trips to the zoo always put a smile on my boyz faces. Perhaps the entire gang (yay) can go sometime.

Kim said...

did you wear a dress to the zoo? haha!

Sorry - couldn't help myself!