Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Zohan Has Left the Building

Normally, on Tuesday mornings, I'm awake at 6, awaiting the arrival of Zoey so we can go back to bed and snuggle while becoming informed by watching Morning Express with Robin Meade and waiting for Dawson to wake up already.

But today, I slept in til 7:30, and I am without a snuggle bunny and am wholly uninformed about the events of the world.

Since Jason is back, he is now in charge of the Zohan while Krystal is at school. Which makes sense seeing as how he's her dad. But part of me wants to call him and make sure he knows that she needs to watch Robin Meade while eating her blueberry Nutri-Grain bar.

It's hard to believe that eight months have passed so quickly!

This is Zoey on her first day at my house:

And on her last day:

Who will suffer through my leopard-print-and-hairbow obsessions??

Who will harass Dawson and use him as a jungle gym??

I love you, sweet girl!

Make sure you tell your daddy to change your diaper. More than once a day.



Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, how incredibly SWEET!!!! :O)

My name is Megan... said...

cute blog!! She is so sweet!!

Amanda said...

I REALLY want to meet little Jason Jr sometime! She is precious! I am doing my best to give you another little girl to dress up and put bows on! Maybe you can move back and keep her EVERYday for me! ;-)

Megan L Hutchings said...

She is so precious and I know you enjoyed every moment with her :)! Time goes by so quickly...doesn't it?!

I have no doubt Zoey enjoyed her moments with you and will always cherish her time with Aunt La!!!

Anonymous said...

As you get older you truly begin to realize how quickly weeks turn into months . . . months into years . . . years into a childhood past. Treasure each moment, recognizing and celebrating each for the gift it is.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father" James 1:17

Thank you, Lauren. You're a great daughter - a great mother - a great aunt!
The Gran

Meagan said...

Pew! I am sad you don't get her anymore! She's the sweetest, cutest thing EVER! I LOVE the picture of her HUGE smile on "the last day" and the one of the two of you! At least you get to sleep in - I know you'll enjoy that... even if you miss your snuggle bunny! :-)

Michelle said...

That was so sweet. Nothing like the niece and nephews when you have them. She is lucky to have you for an Aunt.

Courtney Rogers said...

Oh, thanks for the comment! I'm glad your family is safe from the strong storms last week.

Rachel Wheat said...

Well, when my mom wanted a girl, she actually put a dress on Trever, "Just to see what he'd look like".....watch out, Dawson!